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I am a part-time publicist but I am HORRIBLE at promoting my own stuff. Sorry, I forgot to inform you guys that I do e-reader book covers! Not great at it yet. Probably because I am slightly againstmanipulated photographs but you have to roll with the times. Right?! Here’s what I’ve been working on with erotica writer (and my bff) Sharita. Note to self: be careful with what you tell your friends who are writers. Your experiences my become fodder for the Gods!

(At left) Reluctant Groupie’s “Shot One” is loosly based off an experience I had. However, my Sharita has a VERY vivid imagination! lol (At bottom) “Metalrotica” is a series of stories she’s picked up on our travels in the industry. Oui, you will NEVER know if it really happened or not. EVER. Nay, I will not tell you. Stop it! I’m serious. Forreals, stop asking.