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After “The Insane Injustices in the Death of Trayvon Martin Trial”, I found a glimmer of hope. My heavy heart lessen its load by viewing Pakistanian born Malala Yousafzai, address the United Nations on Friday the 12th of July, on her 16th birthday no less! You may remember, the Taliban shot her in the head for campaigning for girls’ education and speaking against Pakistani militants.

Be ashamed adults who don’t think this effects you. Be ashamed politicians who don’t want gun reform. Be ashamed adults who do not tattletale on the ongoings in your decomposing neighborhoods. This young lady from a third world country has more courage than you! If you can’t stand up for your rights, could you at least stand up for the sake of the children? YOUR children, godchildren, nieces/nephews, cousins… We have the power to move mountains but you have to believe it can start with you.