Lotsofpoorlosers (it’s a joke, ya know, the funny kind only… different)!


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NOW my #lollapalooza weekend has officially begun. Pick this sucker up (and one for me too because now I can’t find a copy ) I wrote a couple of band reviews within. Best festival cheat sheet EVERrr! Nope, I’m not bias at all. Have fun & be safe#lolla #grammyu #GRAMMYUCHI can’t wait to meet y’all

“Sex Metal Barbie”



So many projects, so little time for posting. Always a blast shooting at #hobchicago but this go ’round was a little special… Got to shoot @inthismomentofficial & @mariabrinkofficial. I think the last time I covered them #mariabrink wore flannel! lol Sorry I stayed away so long, this was a great performance!! [APPLAUSE] #inthismoment #wonderlanders #blackwidowtour #bloodlegion #misswidow #girlpower #concertphotography #canon

Chicago’s Aragon Ballroom. The Most Complete Listing of Shows from the 60s thru the 90s

Ah the Aragon Ballroom. This is a fun listing for the old Rock ‘n’ Rollers that visit the Cool Album of the Day site. Here’s a list of just about ever show that was held at the Aragon Ballroom in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago.  If you went there, have fun looking thru this list.  Look for the shows that you saw. Feel ‘bummed’ about the ones you missed. Be angry about the ones that you would have checked out but you didn’t know about, until now.

I’ve combined different listings to form this list. I’ve even contacted band members and did poster research to find others. It’s the best list on the ‘net!

If you were never at the Aragon (it’s still up and running by the way.) it’s still fun to see the shows that were held at the 4500 capacity ‘brawl-room.’  In the old days that would put strung-together folding chairs on the floor. I think they just pack them in now.

Tell us your tales about the Aragon Ballroom below!


“Feast Your Eyes”


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…with my former employers in Milwaukee. For once I’m not working so it was nice to just relax, reconnect & enjoy each other’s company. The mighty Clutch and Sweden’s Graveyard were openers. Only took a few shots to make them look like (as they put it) “serious musicians”. haha Cute. Really cute.

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Artist Bartholomaus Traubeck has created musical masterpieces, by playing trees.

He created a record player that translates the different colors and textures of tree rings into music. Rather than use a needle like a record, sensors gather information about the wood and turn them into piano notes.

Every tree sounds vastly unique due to varying characteristics of the rings, such as strength, thickness and rate of growth.

Keep in mind that the tree rings are being translated into the language of music, rather than sounding musical in and of themselves. Traubeck’s one-of-a-kind record player uses a PlayStation Eye Camera and a stepper motor attached to its control arm. It relays the data to a computer with a program called Ableton Live. What you end up with is an incredible piano track, and in the case of the Ash, a very eerie one.

Hats off to Traubeck for coming up with the ingenious method to turn a simple slice of wood into a beautiful unique arrangement. It makes you wonder what types of music other parts of nature would play.