And somehow, I remember this. Being a Chicago metal/industrial kid made this story stand out for MANY reasons. Besides the fact that NIN was basicly a resident at Wax Trax (see Trent’s tee). #roots

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Welcome to a new feature entitled Video Rewind. Every Friday, a CoS staffer shares a beloved video clip dug up from the depths of the Internet. Consider it a quick jaunt down memory lane via moving pictures. In light of Nine Inch Nails’ latest album, Hesitation Marks, we turn the clock back to 1989 during which Trent Reznorunbeknownst to him, was the focus of a nationwide FBI investigation.

One month before Nine Inch Nails released their critically acclaimed 1989 debut album, Pretty Hate Machine, Trent Reznor and Co. made their way to Chicago to film a music video for its lead single, “Down In It”. The premise was simple enough; a man (played by Reznor) climbed to the top of a a tall building, only to slip and fall to his death. The video ends with NIN members Richard Patrick and Chris Vrenna discovering Reznor’s dead body…

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