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I saw my younger self in Dominique. Up to your eyeballs in restless creation that you’d wear on your selves, LITERALLY. A need for a “path”. Sustaining devote friendships. Speaking softly and carrying a mammoth sized stick, for show, of course.

I did an interview with Dominique Lenore Persi of Stolen Babies on September 17th at the Bottom Lounge in Chicago. Originally, this interview was going to be a bust due to poor publicist to artist communication but due to manager/bass player Rani Sharone’s quick reflexes, this interview was saved. I had an innate need for all who truly appreciate Stolen Babies’ music get a chance to meet the immensely talented but borderline timid performer. Dominique is a person that you need to know exists for all those who still see themselves as awkwardly strange with a lot to say.

Upon first glance, Stolen Babies looks like a carnival act playing DIY instruments gone awry. But then again, I was at a Devin Townsend headlined show. Epic Kings and Idols North American Tour hits Chicago and brings along some of the most anticipated progressive acts in metal. Paradise Lost, Katatonia and the Devin Townsend Project. This is a dream gig if given the chance to be an opener. Stolen Babies was appropriately hand-picked for this slot. You too will understand why after listening to the shy yet eclectic front woman, Dominique Lenore Persi. The long-awaited “Naught” will be released October 16th.